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Harlem jazz supper club MINTON'S PLAYHOUSE will REOPEN ON OCTOBER 5. 

The historic music venue that once hosted seminal talents including Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Charlie Parker, among others, will reopen with a new management arrangement between existing owners Richard Parsons / Harlem Jazz Enterprises LLC and fellow Harlem restaurateur Raphael Benavides' Arts In Common. 

Furthermore, also opening under this new partnership will be a rejuvenated version of next door neighbor and sibling establishment The Cecil to be called THE CECIL STEAKHOUSE. The full-service dining establishment will operate in tandem with MINTON'S.

MINTON'S will continue to honor both the history of jazz music and its contemporary practitioners with regular live performances by well-established performers and fresh young players alike.

Minton's piano is graciously provided by: