• Minton's (map)
  • 206 West 118th Street
  • New York, NY, 10026
  • United States

Set time: 9:30PM.

No music charge. Two-item minimum per person at tables. Reserve a table.

Click here for the 7:00PM set.


The word Unity can conjure up thoughts of fellowship and camaraderie. This is exactly the feeling the Unity Band aims to incite with their music and live show. Their sets are filled with improvisations and original compositions which have been further imagined over the space-time continuum; as they continue their search for a sound rife with elements of J Dilla, St. Germain and The Headhunters.

The Unity Band actively cultivates sonic experiments that fuze elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk and World music. Envisioned by Brooklyn native, Tacuma Bradley, the band seeks to render out good vibes and positive energy from anyone and anything within earshot. Using horns, drums, bass, keys, guitar and the human voice, they blend rhythm and sound to create a space of openness so we (all people) can communicate on another level. Where a hip shake, or head nod, are signs of immersion into that space. Where you can be yourself without hesitation. Where a smile can gain you access to all you need in this wondrous life.