Richard Padron was born in Havana, Cuba in 1982, emigrated to Miami in 1988 and lived there until 2003.  Having recorded and performed with such artists as Paquito D'Rivera, Chino Maurice, Michele Rosewoman, Lauryn Hill, Michael Phillip Mossman,  Zé Luis Oliveira, Benny Reid, Antonio Hart, Will Calhoun, José José, Tony DeSare, Fabio Morgera, Francis Mbappe, Stacy Dillard and other artists of many genres has reinforced his versatility and made him a growing influence on the New York music scene.

Although the only musician in the family, there was an overabundance of both music and support.  Growing up listening to Beny Moré, Fernando Alvarez, Tchaikovsky, Irakere and Billie Holiday instilled within him a musical appreciation from an early age that would later provide a rich musical foundation to draw from.

At the age of 12, Richard began playing guitar and attended the prestigious New World School of the Arts in Miami, where he began formal conservatory training when he was 16. Before graduating he began playing with some of Miami's most reputable musicians and ensembles such as Ira Sullivan, Othello Mollineaux, Gary Campbell, For If the Flies and Carlos Averhoff.  Intuitively utilizing his musical heritage as well as the musical diversity Miami had to offer, he developed a unique style of both playing and composing.  Drawing from many genres he breathes new life into the guitar and brings an inventive approach to his compositions.